Amanda White, CHC, CLC

How we do one thing is how we do everything. It’s amazing how everything in our lives are beautifully woven together. Did you know that prolonged stress can cause your body long term adverse health effects that are completely avoidable.

By recognizing and honoring your mind and body’s “needs” over its “wants,” you will gain insight into achieving inner peace and lead a fulfilling and healthy life. Both internal and external. Making this connection will allow you to make a massive shift in your life and in your health.

Business Mindset

Being a serial entrepreneur I love everything business related. My focus is on streamlining business building and creation, turning your passion into profits with strategic business planning, affiliate and digital marketing, digital assets, and social media marketing. Building a business and creating multiple streams of wealth doesn’t have to be stressful and a drain of your personal energy.

Let’s establish the groundwork for guaranteed success. This involves understanding how tailored focus and strategy can optimize energy levels based on you as an individual. Creating strategies to navigate stressful circumstances will allow you to transform healthy routines into lasting behaviors.

You’d be amazed how much you can accomplish when you don’t have a block due to fear of failure.

From personal to professional growth, I want to help you overcome your struggles to create the successful future you have always dreamt of.

Confidence Unleashed: Transform Your Life!

As a coaching professional and speaker, Mandii aims to deliver education, inspiration, and value to her audiences. She strives to make every event a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content. Mandii is a natural born leader who is an expert at guiding others to step into their high-performance state. She is a leader who excels at building confidence to form teams that increase productivity.

Mandii is passionate about leadership, focusing on strengths, mind shift, and helping others grow into their space. Being in the administration branch of healthcare for over two decades Mandii has had the privilege of working with many experts in the field of medicine. She has gotten to know patients, clients, and co-workers on a personal level and has learned to be a professional listener and an effective problem solver. Mandii has earned trust among her peers and is highly recommended by past and present colleagues.


Mandii is kind, approachable, honest, and motivated.

She inspired me when she left her career in management to pursue her true passion of becoming a health coach. Mandii truly cares about helping people. She also makes you feel really comfortable opening up. Mandii inspires people to be their best self.
A true leader needs to be able

to accomplish this.

~ C.C.

I would describe Mandii as reliable, outgoing, caring, and hilarious.

We built a friendship over the years that went beyond a professional one. I know I can call/text her any time and she’s always willing to listen/help or just laugh! I would highly recommend Mandii as your coach if you are looking to make lasting changes. She has the personal experience of doing this in so many different avenues of life and she has the gift to stay positive and on track. Mandii’s greatest strengths are reliability and confidence.

~ D.H.

To know Mandii is to love her.

She is kind, respects your privacy, and is a great listener! She made me realize a lot about myself and my relationship with my boyfriend. Mandii’s words are very soothing and helpful and never judgmental. She has a true gift of listening and explains everything with helpful guidance and has golden advice. You can tell Mandii is an empath.

~ M.T.